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Failed experiment: Biomutant disappointed gaming journalists

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On the eve of the BioMutant tomorrow, the Metacritic aggregator site began to be filled with reviews for ambitious postpocalyptic action in the open world from the Experiment 101 studio and Thq Nordic publishing house.

Image source: THQ NORDIC

By the time of publication of the material, Biomutant accumulated 75 ratings: the version for PC accounted for 32 reviews, on PS4 – 24, and on Xbox One – 19. The average rating varies from 63 (PS4) to 68% (PC).

Critics agreed that with the first attempt to issue a masterpiece from Experiment 101 failed: Nevertheless, many reviewers had to taste a beautiful open world, an unusual system of creating items and individualization of the character.

Источник изображения: Магазин Steam

Image Source: Steam Store

Biomutant problems have accumulated much more: in addition to technical flamns, the game suffers from obsolete game design, the disposal of tasks, a schematic plot and, according to most authors, an annoying storyteller.

The main disadvantage of the creation of Experiment 101 is called the oversupply of ideas that have not found proper development and implementation in the final product: whether the budget was not enough, or experience.

Источник изображения: Магазин Steam

Image Source: Steam Store

«It can be seen that the game was conceived ambitious and large-scale, but none of the ideas laid in her were brought to mind, but what is, it does not develop in a solid project, “the author of the Biomutant review for 3DNews Ivan Famechonkov.

Biomutant will go on sale tomorrow, May 25, for PC (Steam, Gog, Origin, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the foreseeable future, the game will also appear on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, where it works only on backward compatibility.

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