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First Plates Witchfire revealed a problem with a gameplay cycle – it was not suver sufficient

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The Astronauts Head Adrian Khmielarz (Adrian Chmielarz) in the new publication on the official website of the studio told how the first Plates of Fantasy Luter-shooter Witchfire was held.

Image source: The Astronauts

The crown immediately rebelled that the achievement of this stage does not mean the approach of the end of the development – the team has many more, but now it was necessary to know whether the difficulty is configured in the game.

The Astronauts expects that testers will be able to walk without deaths to the third or fourth military arena from nine, however, in reality, two not familiar with the game of a person reached the sixth – the same result was also shown by the staff of the studio.

As it turned out, the gameplay cycle WitchFire at this stage does not imply proper punishment for ignoring certain mechanics. This allowed testers to show the mentioned result, without resorting to all the provisions provided by the game.

«Imagine if Bloodborne gave you a machine gun … Fun will be short-term, because without engaging in the main mechanics you will never experience the pride and feeling of great achievement (Hehe), who would wait for you when playing as developers thought, “- Explained his hint.

Among other things, the plates revealed bugs, insufficient clarity of some elements, the need for edits and the fact that Witchfire, despite all flaws, liked the testers.

«The game is shocked, and these one and a half hours only got my appetite. I did not go far, but I was convinced to get out of the studio that, if I would press and have more time, I would have done. It does not wait to return, “one of the test participants shared.

Плейтест выявил, что игроки не различают защитный барьер врагов (слева) и сигнал о готовящейся противником опасной атаке (справа)

Players revealed that players do not distinguish the protective barrier of enemies (left) and a signal about the preparing opponent’s dangerous attack (right)

According to Khmelyazha, all the playlists are useful and the next exception did not become: the road to the goal is long, but at least the studio moves in the right direction. The next report on the development of WitchFire will be released in summer.

For the first time, WitchFire was shown at the Game Awards 2017 ceremony, while The Astronauts for the game took back in 2015. While the shooter about the witch hunt is confirmed only for PC (STEAM) and does not even have an approximate timeline.

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