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Friendly Julianne and the conditions for opening alternative appears: new details of the invasion regime appeared in Deathloop

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Yesterday, May 19th, the action of the ban on the publication of preliminary reviews of Deathloop was completed: journalists from all over the world shared new details of the project, including concerning intrusion regime.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Recall, the main role in the plot of Deathloop is allocated to the mercenar with the Zolta Vanu stuck in the time loop. However, gamers will have the opportunity to manage and the Juliana Huntry, from which the worlds of other users can visit.

As it became known from The Gamer, the game for Julianna is the only way to unlock in Deathloop additional items of individualization for both the heroine itself and for the colts.

Performance performed during the injury (damage, survival for a certain time) brings Julianne glasses, which can later be spent on unlocking weapons, skills and unique appearance.

According to the director Deathloop Dinggi Bakaba (Dinga Bakaba), open the skills and expand the arsenal of the heroine will be in random order to “after three hours your and my julianna were not the same.”

The main goal of Julianne during the invasion – killing Colt. At the same time, as IGN journalists told, players in the role of the hunters will be able to help their “victim”, in fact, turning into a cooperative partners.

The release of Deathloop after a recent transfer is expected on September 14 of this year on PC (Steam, Bethesda Launcher) and PS5. As it turned out from the April interview with the Bakaba, the “new game +” in the project will not be – at least on startup.

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