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Frost Giant Studios, based on Blizzard, develops its RTS on Unreal Engine 5

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Last year, former employees of Blizzard Entertainment Tim Morten (Tim Campbell) and Tim Campbell announced the foundation of Frost Giant Studios. Its goal is to create a new real-time strategy. For this, the studio has already attracted investments in the amount of almost $ 10 million. And recently they announced partnership with DreamHaven, created by the co-founder of Blizzard Mike Mikem (Mike Mikeime), and using Unreal Engine 5 when developing its RTS.

Image source: Frost Giant Studios

The Unreal Engine 5 engine recently went out in early access. Games on it have not yet appeared, so it is difficult to say how well it is suitable for the production of real-time strategies. However, RTS on the UE4 has already come out, for example, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

Regarding partnership with Mike Morham’s company in the comments VentureBeat publication, Tim Campbell spoke in comments: “We were very lucky to work with the giants of the industry from Dreamhaven, who played an important role in creating the heritage of real-time strategies, inspired by Frost Giant. Mike Morham helped install RTS standards, which no one had excepted. He continues to do this genre and [his] community to this day, and his tips will be incredibly valuable, as we are trying to create a real-time strategy for a wide audience. “

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