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In Activision vacancies, we have references to the development of mobile aaa games in the Call of Duty series

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Activision’s publishing house website discovered a vacancy of producer in Activision Mobile. The division, according to the description of the post, is engaged in creating a new AAA-game in the Call of Duty series for mobile devices. At the same time, official statements on the development of such a project have not yet come.

Image Source: Activision

Text on the Job Post page says: “Welcome to Activision Mobile. We are a new inner studio engaged in the development of the best mobile aaa games in the world. Our first project is a new AAA-game for mobile devices in the Call of Duty franchise, and we are looking for talented specialists from the field of [development] for mobile devices, PCs and consoles, passionate about their work that share our faith in what should be AAA-level experience on mobile devices. “

Источник изображения: SlashGear

Image source: Slashgear

On the creation of the Activision Mobile Unit, the publisher was also officially announced.

Recall: there is already a mobile Call of Duty on the market, which Activision has released in partnership with Tencent. Perhaps the company wants to repeat the success or create a project in another niche.

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