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In Destruction Allstars add bots to the lack of real players matches gathered faster

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Studio Lucid Games in the thematic branch at the Reddit Forum shared plans to develop their multiplayer racing arcade Destruction Allstars for the near future.

Image source: PlayStation Blog

The most important upcoming change will be the appearance of bots in Destruction Allstars – they are designed to speed up the staffing of matches during the period of low user activity.

According to developers, the most popular with Destruction Allstars players uses on weekdays from 19:00 to 1:00 Moscow time, and on weekends – from 17:00 to 4:00 in Moscow.

In the event of a lack of an inval number of players in the queue, the managed AI rivals will take the remaining places. The only exception will be the Blitz competitive regime – there will be no bots in it.

Источник изображения: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

In addition, in Destruction Allstars promised to add global parties to make players to search for matches, playlist features, as well as a number of claimed balance and gameplay.

The deadlines for the implementation of the mentioned changes in Destruction Allstars from the team from Lucid Games are not yet, however, developers promise to share their plans for improving the project on a regular basis.

Destruction Allstars debuted on February 2 of the current year on PlayStation 5 as part of a selection for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and on April 6, it became available for buying all the other console owners.

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