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Journalists opened how the failed part of the Driver was transformed into the original Watch Dogs

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VG247 portal with a link to three informants from Ubisoft, including the creator of Driver Martin Edmondson (Martin Edmondson), shared the details about how the failed part of the series was transformed into the original Watch Dogs.

Image source: Ubisoft

Recall, in 2013, the President of the North American Unit Ubisoft Lauren Children (Laurent Detoc) said that at an early stage, Watch Dogs was represented by a new driver, but not worth overestimaling.

«You should not think that Driver turned into Watch Dogs – we simply borrowed interesting elements to create a fundamentally different project, “the children said then.

Источник изображения: Магазин Steam

Image Source: Steam Store

As VG247 found out, the failed Driver was originally conceived with modern entourage, hiking gameplay, parker, a combat system, a big city and emphasis on hacking, but the team was not possible to enter these ideas in the framework of the series.

«They simply made their job and convinced Iva [Guimo, President Ubisoft] is that he can get “his own GTA” instead of a poorly selling driver, “the informant stated, who previously held a high position in Ubisoft.

Источник изображения: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

As for the driver itself, in parallel with the future Watch Dogs in the studio walls, the Reflections headed by Edmondson was boiling work on Driver: San Francisco. The game came out in 2011 and received good estimates, but I fell in sales.

According to the same high-ranking ex-employee Ubisoft, its result of Driver: San Francisco literally signed a series of death sentence: the project was “the end of the road for this franchise.”

Источник изображения: Магазин Steam

Image Source: Steam Store

However, some DRIVER echoes in the final version of Watch Dogs still remained: Reflections engaged in the game interiors, artistic component of vehicles and driving assignments.

Reflections did not cease to exist after the financial failure DRIVER: SAN FRANCISCO, but also the independent projects of Ubisoft do no longer gives it: instead, the studio helps other teams with the realization of the driver’s component.

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