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Judging by the vacancies Cloud Chamber, the new Bioshock is developed on Unreal Engine 5

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From the moment of the announcement of the new BIOSHOCK, information about it almost did not. Small game details managed to wake up only from the list of vacancies on the Cloud Chamber studio website: Thanks to this, the public found out that the project will be an open world, advanced artificial intelligence, “live” environment and shooting over a first person. And now, a similar method, users mined information about the engine of the upcoming Bioshock. It turns out that it is created on Unreal Engine 5.

Bioshock Infinite, Image Source: Steam

The relevant data was found in the description of the vacancy of the Senior Gameplay Programmer. The details of the position says: “Working with Unreal Engine 5: Adapt existing systems and create new technologies [as part of the engine] to satisfy the technical needs of the project and creative tasks.” Unreal Engine 5 recently appeared in early access. How long cloud chamber works with him, unknown.

BioShock Infinite, источник изображения: Steam

Bioshock Infinite, Image Source: Steam

Recall: in August last year, Unreal Engine was mentioned in the list of job development studios-developer, the creators first used the fourth iteration of the engine, and then began to adapt the project under the fifth.

Cloud Chamber has not yet disclosed the release date and the target platforms of the upcoming Bioshock.

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