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Konami hinted that he would continue to trust his franchise to third-party studios

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Producer GetSufumaden: Undying Moon Moon Murato (Shin Murato) in a recent JPGames interview hinted that Konami’s publisher will continue to trust his franchise to third-party studios.

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Recall, GetSufumaden: UNDYING MOON is a continuation of the original GETSU FUMA DEN for Famicom (NES in Japan). The game is based on the intellectual property of Konami, but the indie studio Guruguru answered the creation.

According to Murato, Konami monitors the success of independent developers and considered Getsufumaden a suitable franchise to use the Indi-approach and the transfer of the familiar team.

Apparently, the cooperation with the Guruguru excursion Konami on outsourcing territory will not end: “With regard to other joint work, then please wait for future projects in such a way!”

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Image Source: Steam Store

Previously, the Video Games Chronicle portal reported that as a result of the failures of Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rogue Corps, the Konami leadership revised his views on the instructions of third-party studios of their franchises.

In particular, the publisher allegedly entrusted to a certain “famous Japanese developer” the following Silent Hill, and is also being prepared to give partners to the future of Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid.

As for GETSUFUMADEN: UNDYING MOON, then a two-dimensional action-platformer with elements of the Roggy is distributed through early Steam access. A full-fledged release is expected in 2022 on PC (Steam) and Nintendo SWITCH.

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