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Leakage: Government Germany confirmed the development of the remake of Destroy All Humans! 2.

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Following the Commandos: Origins on the official website of the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany found a page also a new game from the Black Forest Games studio.

Recall that, founded in 2012, the German studio was heard thanks to his most recent project – remote Destroy All Humans! – and now, apparently, it works on its continuation.

On the website of the Mentioned Ministry of Germany, the coming game Black Forest Games is filed under the code name Project Cattleprod 2, but the description and attached illustrations make it clear that we are talking about the remake of the cult action 2006 release.

According to the description, Project CattleProd 2 is an adventure action in the open world. The main character “can use various weapons and Psi-skills to fight enemies or have an impact on them for their own purposes.”

In addition, Project Cattleprod 2 will offer a “ridiculous and running stick plot that contains references to modern pop culture, satire and social criticism”, as well as “in detail of the destruction of buildings.”

For the development of Project Cattleprod 2, the Black Forest Games studio received € 2.2 million on the game page and the duration of financing is also given: from February 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

Remake First Destroy All Humans! It was released in July 2020 on PC (Steam, Gog), PS4, Xbox One and in Google Stadia. It is noteworthy that the Sicvel Thq Nordic and Black Forest Games had already hinted, and most recently – at the end of February.

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