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Mojang Studios feared that “Evil Microsoft will destroy Minecraft”

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In the fall of 2014, Microsoft announced the purchase of Mojang Studio along with the rights to an incredibly popular Minecraft construction simulator. At that moment, the developers feared that the corporation would destroy their project. About this in a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz. The director of the game Helen Chiang (Helen Chiang) said.

Image source: Variety

The comment of the chapter reads: “[At the time of purchase] the team of developers who implemented their vision, creative direction and invested the hearts and souls into creating this extremely successful indie-game, internally reflected how quickly and how much evil Microsoft will destroy Minecraft.” Next, Helen Chang said that the corporation allowed Mojang Studios to improve their project on different platforms. Moreover, it became the main priority of developers. And then the direction for the development was born, which was called “together better.”

Источник изображения: PC Invasion

Image Source: PC Invasion

«“Together, it was better, “meant not only the availability of Minecraft on all platforms that our players take most,” helen Chiang continued, “but also that they could connect to each other and create together.” Thanks to this approach, the project has been supported by Crosplan between all platforms.

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