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Naughty Dog released for the Last of US Part II patch that improved the performance of the game on PS5

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Publishing and Naughty Dog Studio and Studio The PlayStation website announced the release of a new patch for its adventure action The Last Of US Part II.

Image source: YouTube

Fresh patch (it received sequence number 1.08) is designed to increase the performance of The Last of US Part II when working on PlayStation 5 in backward compatibility mode.

With the published patch of The Last Of US Part II began to produce full-fledged 60 frames on PS5 (if desired, you can return to 30 frames / s). In addition, improved permission and reduce download time.

It seems that one advancement of the work of The Last of US PART II on backward compatibility is not limited to: Naughty Dog called the published patch “Only the first step to improve the game for PS5”.

The Last of US Part II debuted in June 2020 exclusively on PS4. In the first three days after the release, over 4 million copies were sold, but the continued success of the Sony Interactive Entertainment project was not shared.

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