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New immersion level: for TES V: Skyrim came out a mod that adds contextual animations when interacting with the world

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Enthusiasts continue to supply The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a variety of modifications. Over the past few months, they added “Skyrim-grandmother” to the game, as well as the province of Valenwood, which must be left at Talmore. This list recently replenished the creation of the author under the pseudonym JaySerpa. He released the IMmersive Interactions modes – Animated Actions, with which contextual animations appeared in the game when interacting with the world.

Источник изображения: JaySerpa

Image Source: Jayserpa

The purpose of the creator of modification is to improve the realism and degree of immersion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For this, he created a set of contextual animations. For example, when trying to rob the NPC, the character sneaks at the back and hesitates in his pockets. In addition, the main character will be able to make passersby, clap your hands when the bard performs songs, stroking the horse, to transfer objects in hand and so on.

Animations are activated when interacting with things or NPC. The only condition – the character should have free hands. When using weapons, spells, and even racks with animation fists will not be able to execute.

Immersive Interactions – Animated Actions are available on Nexus MODS after preliminary authorization. There is also a complete list of fast and special interactions, which adds a modification.

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