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Nintendo patented personalization system for digital store

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Nintendo patented a new store personalization system for users. It will create a special rating that will help improve video game recommendations for each specific player. About this writes Gamerant.

Digital Look

Judging by the description, the system will form a rating based on reviews of players, criticism and personal preferences of users. What kind of system will find a reflection in the store, is not clear. Presumably, a personalized section will be created with recommendations, as in Netflix, Microsoft Store or Steam.

The change is designed to improve the search process for suitable games for the user. The time for the implementation of the system is also not specified, so you should not count on a quick introduction in Nintendo ESHOP.

According to rumors, the company also prepares a new Switch Pro game console. Presumably, the novelty will be equipped with an OLED display and support for the 4K permission in TV mode. Officially, this information has not yet been confirmed. Nevertheless, even if it is true, its release may be postponed due to the global shortage of microcircuits.

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