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No Man’s Sky, Everspace 2, Amid Evil and 6 more games now support NVIDIA DLSS

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NVIDIA announced the addition of nine games to the DLSS technology support library, which helps improve image quality without reducing performance. Now the solution is available at No Man’s Sky, Everspace 2, RedOUut: Space Assault and other projects. In addition, DLSS for the first time became available in modes for virtual reality headsets.

Источник: Hello Games

Source: Hello Games

The following games have acquired NVIDIAL DLSS support:

  • No Man’s Sky;
  • Amid Evil;
  • Aron’s Adventure;
  • Everspace 2;
  • Redout: Space Assault;
  • Scavengers;
  • Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition;
  • Into the Radius;
  • Wrench.

Also supporting technology received VR modes in No Man’s Sky, Into The Radius and Wrench.

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sample) is a technology based on artificial intelligence that is less demanding of your video card than the usual smoothing. Despite the use of a smaller number of system resources compared to the traditional solution, the game may look much better.

You can see the work of DLSS in action in the roller below, where NVIDIA has shown the technology on the example NO Man’s Sky. According to the company, the inclusion of DLSS increases the performance of the game to 70% at a resolution of 4K. As a result, No Man’s Sky works more smoothly and responsive. In the virtual reality mode, DLSS doubles performance when “Ultra” -Ruchka – on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 paired with OCULUS QUEST 2 project supports 90 frames per second.

And, for example, in AMID Evil, the capacity has grown 2.7 times at a 4K resolution with maximum settings. ARON’s Adventure showed a frame rate increase by 60%.

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