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NVIDIA recommended gamers Delete Last update Windows 10

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Last week, they began to massively report the complaints of the last cumulative update of Windows 10 KB5001330. Users have encountered a lot of serious problems, including errors when installing security patches, user profile errors, as well as performance reduction. Gamers are likely to suffer most, since the gameplay is still darling permanent brazing and other problems. Therefore, NVIDIA advises to remove the last update.


The NVIDIA employee named Manuel in the official support forum said that users who noticed the performance reduction in games should try to delete Windows 10 KB5000842 update. It is worth noting that the comments mention the March update, however, the same problems seem to be present in the KB5001330 ill-fated cumulative update. In any case, the solution obviously consists of removing the update that caused problems.



Of course, problems are not limited to NVIDIA equipment. Computer users with AMD video cards also note a decrease in productivity, lags and an unstable frame rate. Fortunately, delete the update is not so difficult. This can be done in the “Parameters” application. To do this, use the Windows Update clause, to go to which you want to click the “View update history” button. Then, in subparagraph “Delete updates”, select KB5001330 (or KB5000842), click the Delete button and confirm the action. Then you should restart the computer.

It should be borne in mind that when removing a cumulative update, all security patches and other corrections are deleted, which are included in its composition. However, this is, apparently, the only way out, as Microsoft itself has not yet proposed a solution to the problem.

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