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Officially: the logo and the name of the new God of War were in the recent Sony presentation by mistake

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The representative of the Sony Interactive Entertainment at the request of the IGN portal commented on the mention of the next God of War in a recent presentation for investors of the Sony Group game segment and services.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Recall, on the 9th slide, users found the GOD OF WAR Ragnarok logo – this is the way, it was implied in the report, called a new part of the popular Santa Monica Studio Foxer-Franchise.

Shortly after the publication of the presentation, it turned out that the emblem appearing in the text was not official and was actually taken from Google’s search. Now it became known why it happened.

«The name and logo of our coming game God of War is not yet final. In the presentation for investors, the wrong logo was mistakenly used, “the Sony Interactive Entertainment representative said.

Слева — устаревшая версия 9-го слайда, справа — актуальная  (источник изображения: Sony Group)

Left – Outdated version of the 9th Slide, on the right – the current (image source: Sony Group)

In addition to the title, remains an unknown and complete list of new GOD OF WAR target platforms. At this stage, the game is declared only for PS5, but by analogy with Horizon Forbidden West, theoretically may appear on PS4.

The Sony Group presentation indirectly confirms that the next God of War will be released only on PS5: on a slide with selected blockbusters that will appear on PS4, the future creation of Santa Monica Studio is not.

The release of the upcoming God of War is expected in the current year. However, according to unconfirmed information, the project premiere has already been shifted (and several months ago) at a later date.

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