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Opera introduced a beta version of the “game” browser for mobile devices

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After the release in 2019, the desktop browser for Opera gamers began to “pump” its means of individualization. Now the company has decided to expand the scope of influence by issuing and mobile version of the popular Opera GX.


The plans of the company’s expansion could be assumed in advance. In January, Opera acquired the British Yoyo Games, responsible for the Gamemaker Studio game developer platform 2. The beta testing of the GX browser on iOS and Android, the release of stable assembly was scheduled for the coming weeks.

Unlike traditional browsers, Opera GX has a control panel to control the CPU settings, RAM and the width of the Internet channel. Mobile users will also be able to apply a special button to quickly access functions like searching and opening / closing tabs. The button supports vibration and tactile feedback in the available range gadgets. There are many other features that are missing in Chrome.

Additionally, the mobile browser can be synchronized with the desktop version by scanning the QR code. This will allow you to transmit from one device to other files up to 10 MB, links, video from YouTube, photos and other content. The browser has an integrated advertising blocker and protection from cryptomerine attackers.

By choosing a niche product for the release, although aimed at a large audience, Opera has demonstrated a working recipe for success that allows you to flourish in the shade of Google Chrome. In March, Opera GX has more than 9 million active gamers on Windows and MacOS platforms. According to the company, in comparison with last year, the growth amounted to 190 percent. You can download the version for Android or iOS from Opera.

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