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Parkur, foot chainsaws and a lot of blood: a gameplay trailer CyberTrog Retroshter Turbo Overkill

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New Zealand Studio Trigger Happy Interactive introduced a five-minute gameplay trailer for Turbo Overkill Retroshter in Cyberpanka Anguity. The game will be released on PC (Steam) “Soon.”

The events of Turbo Overkill occur in a futuristic metropolis of neo-paradise (Neo-Paradise). The streets captured machines from flesh and metal generated by artificial intelligence. To deal with them to be the nameless janitor, who also has mechanical parts – a chainsaw is built in his leg. “Your contract is simple: destroy them all.”

Throughout three episodes, players will fire with enemies with the help of weapons, each type of which has additional fire modes. Chainsaws on the leg will attack during the slide on the surface. In the roller, the hero shoots two hands and uses “smart” pistols. Among opponents will meet both “street romance with aggregates” and “huge monsters of flesh and metal”. Developers warn that Turbo Overkill will have a lot of violence and blood.

You can also use implants that give different abilities, including a double jump, complete body control in the air and special chainsaw attacks. It is necessary to move along the labyrinth-like city by different ways: for example, in the video you can see how the hero runs along the walls. Users will offer not only to fight, but also search for secrets – starting with collectible cassettes and ending with whole additional levels.

According to the authors, Turbo Overkill gameplay mechanics are inspired by classic shooters like Doom, Duke Nukem and Quake, and the world was created under the influence of aesthetics Cyberpunk and Weegorweight.

The first TURBO Overkill Teaser was published in April 2020. Since then, the creators were regularly divided into twitter screenshots and excerpts of the gameplay. On YouTube Channel Studio also available Composition Halfmetal Hero from Soundtrack Games.

The exact timelines of the release of Turbo Overkill are unknown. Shooter will be released only in English. On the Steam page it is indicated that it will fully support controllers.

In March, the studio 3D Realms called the release date of the AFTERSHOCK add-on to the Retroshiter ION FURY 2019. Also recently became a well-known release date to Steam another representative of this area (but already two-dimensional) – Huntdown from Easy Trigger Games, whose PC version can be bought only in Epic Games Store.

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