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Reduction of commands, updated “Natisk” and Map “Monte Carlo”: What was shown on the stream about the PVP component Overwatch 2

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As promised, in the evening of May 20, the team of developing a team shooter Overwatch 2 conducted a live broadcast with a demonstration of PVP-component and a story about basic changes in this aspect compared to the first part.

Image source: Play Overwatch

First, Sikvel is waiting for the reduction of teams from six people to five: in standard PVP modes on each side there will be one “tank”, two heroes of support and two damage players.

The change is designed to force “tanks” to act more aggressively (for the first time about this idea, they mentioned at the recent BlizzConline festival), and simplify users understanding the situation on the battlefield.

Secondly, within the framework of the broadcast, the current version of the Natisk regime was shown, presented on BlizzCon 2019, and also confirmed the seizure of the “capture of points” (it will be replaced by a new regime) from the Competitive Playlist.

Thirdly, the developers demonstrated five cards that will appear in Overwatch 2: “New York” (hybrid), Rome and Toronto (“Natisk”), as well as Monte Carlo and Rio (” Maintenance “).

Race toward the Monte Carlo finish line in Overwatch 2.

Points of interest:
?️ Autopilot Cars
✨ Sparkles
?️ Flying Yachts pic.twitter.com/tlE6d8UJ8R

Fourth, on Streaming, the updated appearance of Torbjorn was revealed, and also showed other heroes in the action. At the same time, the developers have made improvements in the interface of some characters, including Angel and Zenjat.

Overwatch 2 is created for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Above the project worries a little less than 200 people (against the 60-70 from the original game). Date or even the deadline for the release is not yet called.

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