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Rumors: A branch of Final Fantasy from Team Ninja will become the most gloomy part of the series, and the second part of the FF VII remorse will not be shown on E3

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Two days ago, the Navtra insider spoke about the Final Fantasy branch, which develops Team Ninja Studio. Then the Details of the game shared the Informant Soulshunt and the former Senior Game Informer Editor IMRAN KHAN. And now the fresh portion of the details came from Navtra again. According to insider, the coming branch with the ORIGIN subtitle will become “the most gloomy and bloody game in the franchise.”

Remake Final Fantasy VII, Image Source: Square Enix

In correspondence with users on the Forum Resetera Navtra, said the project will not be another clone Dark Souls. One of the explicit differences from the FroMSoftware series will be the choice of complexity. It is implemented to cover the maximum wide audience. The similarity with NiOH will be traced, but literally copying elements of your dylogue in Final Fantasy Origin The developers are not going. Comment NAVTRA This account says: “In it [laid] DNA NiOH, but do not wait for NiOH 3 or just NiOH in the FF cover. This is a greater degree of a unique beast with highly characterized systems and tempo. “

Ремейк Final Ffantasy VII, источник изображения: SlashGear

Remake Final Fantasy VII, Image Source: Slashgear

According to Iran Khan, Final Fantasy Origin will first come out as an exclusive PlayStation 5, and later get to PC. In the summer, an alpha version of the project will appear, which must collect user feedback about him.

In addition, Navtra mentioned the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remat. According to insider, it will not be shown on E3 2021.

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