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Rumors: New Battlefield will be called Battlefield 2042 and offer the biggest cards in the series

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Insiders shared the details of the upcoming Battlefield and presented the screenshots of the alpha version of the shooter. According to them, the game is called Battlefield 2042. The project will unfold exactly 100 years after the original Battlefield (1942) and 100 years before Battlefield 2142 (released in 2006).

Battlefield 4

As insiders told, on June 15, a closed testing of a new battlefield for influenusers will take place. An open “Alpha” or “Betu” Electronic Arts will spend a little later. The game will support the matches in the format “64 to 64” on the “biggest maps in the history of Battlefield”, the return of Levolution (technology of large-scale destruction), tornado and tornado, which appear during the match.

According to leakage, in the new Battlefield there will be Wingsuts, hooks for the capture and the ability to deploy ziplays to quickly deliver friendly troops to the top of the cliff.

It is also argued that Battlefield 2042 will include new mechanics of “professionals.” It will allow the players’ detachments to have one specialist on a class with unique gadgets and abilities, such as a physician who can shoot a healing dart. The detachments will also be able to cause vehicles, such as quad bikes. And the fighters themselves will be able to invent various modifications of weapons and change them on the fly, for example, remove the sight with a red point and replace it with an eye with an increase.

Maps will become much more spacious than the past parts of the series. On them, the teams will be able to capture sectors (which themselves are considered the size of the average Battlefield 3 card 3) by capturing the points inside them. It is known that one card is called SHELF and its action unfolds in Antarctica.

In addition, insiders argue that on launching in Battlefield 2042 will not support crossless between generations.

Earlier, Electronic Arts confirmed that the presentation of the new Battlefield will take place on June 9. The game will be released in the fall of this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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