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Rumors: New Bioshock will be an exclusive PlayStation – possibly temporary

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In December 2019, the 2K Games publisher announced a new part of the Bioshock series. For its creation, a Cloud Chamber studio was formed, which included people who put her hand to the previous games of the franchise. The release date and platform have not yet been disclosed, but recently information on this account was shared by an insider Nick Baker (Nick Baker), known under the pseudonym Shpeshal ED. According to him, the upcoming Bioshock will be an exclusive PlayStation.

BIOSHOCK, Image Source: 2K Games

The informant immediately noted (in the video below at 1:00 pm), which does not know all the details of the agreement between Sony and 2K Games. Baker mentioned the temporary exclusivity of the game on PlayStation platforms, but this is only his assumption. Perhaps the upcoming BIOSHOCK will not appear outside the PS5 and PS4, if it is generally created for the past generation of consoles. True, it is doubtful that 2K Games agreed to deprive the audience of PC and XBOX access to the game on such a famous franchise. This will significantly reduce the potential income from project sales.

2K Games and Cloud Chamber so far did not comment on leakage, and it is hardly going. In such situations, publishers and developers most often save silence until the scheduled time comes to disclosure.

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