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Rumors: The new Battlefield trailer hit the network was still not going to show the public

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The Eurogamer portal, relying on his own sources, confirmed that the trailer of the new part of the military shooters of Battlefield recently leaked to the network recently was not intended for a public display.

Image source: Electronic Arts

Recall, from mid-April of this year, fans franchise began on individual personnel to “collect” an allegedly debut trailer of the next Battlefield – by the end of May the community even turned out to be more or less complete roller.

Following the gluing insider, Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) announced and “with one hundred percent confidence” himself refuted the theory that the video hit the network was not intended for prying eyes.

Кадр из просочившегося в Сеть трейлера (источник изображения: Reddit)

Frame from the trailer poppy (image source: Reddit)

Eurogamere, for his part, claims the opposite: “Eurogamer understands that this video was created by EA only for internal use and was not intended for viewing the public.”

The portal also said that the trailer leaked to the network is not the one with which Electronic Arts plans to present a new Battlefield in the coming weeks. Henderson agree with this statement.

Источник изображения: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

Earlier, General Executive Director of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson) confirmed that the next Battlefield will be present in June. By the way, the head of the announcement trailer has already seen and remained impressed.

The upcoming part of the Battlefield has not yet has an official title – it is assumed that the game will be called just Battlefield. Release is expected from October to December of the current year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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