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Sales Resident Evil Village reached 4 million copies in 20 days from release – Resident Evil 7 It took for 10 months

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Capcom Publishing House in a special press release on its official website reported new successes achieved by their shooter with horror elements of Resident Evil Village after release.

Image source: Capcom

In the first half of May of this year, Capcom said that in four days from receipt of RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE stores, it managed to break the world in the amount of over 3 million copies.

As it became known, for those who have passed since the announcement of two weeks, Resident Evil Village added another 1 million copies for its result, bringing up to 4 million in 20 days from release from release.

As clarified in Capcom, this value includes not only the shipment of Resident Evil Village in retail stores around the world, but also selling games in various digital services.

Источник изображения: Магазин Steam

Image Source: Steam Store

For comparison: Resident Evil 7 is the officially sold game of the series (with reservations) – reached 4.1 million implemented copies in only 10 months from the date of the premiere.

Such success Resident Evil Village in Capcom is associated with the technological achievements of the horror shooter in the field of graphics and sound, as well as the “masterfully balanced” elements of the action and horror.

Resident Evil Village debuted on May 7 of this year on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as in Google Stadia. In a recent CapCom video, the developers told about the problems arising when creating the game.

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