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Sony creates A-agents that will help to pass games and submit a user in a multiplayer

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Speaking to investors, Sony Interactive Entertainment General Director of Kenichiro Yoshida (Kenichiro Yoshida) announced that the newly created artificial intelligence department cooperates with PlayStation in the development of Game Ai Agents. Presumably, the technology will help the gamers at least overcome difficult areas of the game.

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Game Ai Agents will use training with reinforcement – the form of machine learning in which II agents learn to achieve goals. They can be used in PlayStation games as virtual opponents and as partners. Yoshida did not provide additional details about this function, but stated that the cooperation of the artificial intelligence department with PlayStation will make the game process “richer and more pleasant.”

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Previously, a sony interactive entertainment patent was discovered, which describes the artificial intelligence used to explore the style of the playStation user game and possibly take on management for it.

According to the patent, this method includes the appointment of the default profile player, which begins with the general set of behaviors. As the user plays not once, artificial intelligence will study his behavior and apply it to the AI ​​profile. This will allow him to make decisions similar to what the player accepts. An example is given when players ask the profile of “Go to automatic mode to perform certain game tasks that are difficult for the user.”

Источник: патент Sony Interactive Entertainment

патент Sony Interactive Entertainment

Another example concerns multiplayer online games in which the gamer may need to interrupt the session to eat or work. In this situation, it is proposed not to go in the middle of the match, but to include “automatic mode” and transfer the control of artificial intelligence.

The department for research and development in the field of artificial intelligence Sony Interactive Entertainment opened at the end of 2019. Offices of divisions are posted in Japan, Europe and the USA.

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