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Sony will postpon some PlayStation Franchise on Mobile Platforms until the end of March 2022

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The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) described in detail investors about the plans of the company on the launch of the main Franchise PlayStation on mobile platforms. The first releases will appear until the end of March 2022. This was facilitated by the “extremely successful” first steps in the PC market.

«We start our way to transfer the PlayStation Console Franchis on [Other Platforms], “said Ryan. – Last year we started from the release of our two games on PC, Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator, and both were profitable and really had an extremely successful publishing debut. We will continue this in the 2021 fiscal year and in the future. “

He added: “In 2021 fiscal year, we will start producing some of our iconic PlayStation franchises on mobile devices. And we expect that in 2021 it will not bring a significant flow of profits, but at least we remove lessons from this experience. And as the number of games increases, which we publish on mobile devices, the contribution of PCs and mobile devices over time will become more and more important. “

On the slide represented by Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment quoted the study, according to which in 2020, mobile games brought $ 121 billion over the world compared with $ 62 billion, obtained in the console market, and $ 42 billion received in the PC market.

Слайд IR-презентации Sony демонстрирует доминирование мобильного рынка игр. Источник: VGC

Sony IR-presentation slide demonstrates the dominance of the mobile game market. Source: VGC.

Recall that in April of this year a vacancy was discovered by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which said about the opening of a new PlayStation business unit – it will take the adaptation of the most popular franchises for mobile platforms.

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