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“Takes up the fall of the” cheaters island “”: the authors of Fall Guys told about a bad least fight against cheaters

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Studio Mediatonic is actively fighting unscrupulous players in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In the first month, the project attracted millions of gamers (which far exceeded the expectations of the developers), and there were many cheaters among them. For a while Mediatonic used the “Island of Cheaters”, but it had to be abandoned in favor of a new solution.

On Twitter, the developer told the story of The Rise and Fall of the Island of Cheaters. This measure worked like this: a matchmaking system connected cheaters with other unscrupulous players. If you are unlucky enough to meet a cheater, he will be flagged and placed in the queue on the Cheater Island in the next match.

For now…


Let me tell you a wild story

The RISE and FALL of Cheater Island

Tagging @Netflix incase they want to make a film or series out of it

But the idea was unsuccessful. Fall Guys lacks concurrent cheaters to build an entire lobby. This meant they were just hanging on the match search screen. After that, some people started looking for ways to get around the Mediatonic measure using Steam Family Share or teaming up with a bona fide player. All this created big problems for the developer.

There were enough cheaters in the game last week for the Island of Cheaters to start playing. It would seem that Mediatonic has achieved its goal. But a new problem arose: people started uploading videos with recordings of games to the Network, which may or may not be the “Island of cheaters” – the studio cannot establish this for sure. However, these videos make the Fall Guys look bad.

Somebody actually uploaded this video to Reddit with the title:

Therefore, the “Island of Cheaters” had to be closed. This is the end of his story. In the next update, it will be replaced by the Epic Games anti-cheat, which is used in Fortnite. She told earlier that Mediatonic is going to implement it.

Fall Guys is out on PC and PlayStation 4.

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