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The creators of Horizon Forbidden West commented on the development of the development and hinted at the fast announcement of the release date

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Following today’s presentation of its adventure militant in the open world of Horizon Forbidden West on State of Play, the Guerrilla Games studio in his microblog commented on the lack of news about the release date.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Recall, within the framework of the thematic issue of State of Play, they promised to show 14 minutes of the gameplay Horizon Forbidden West recorded with PlayStation 5. This result as a result of developers and limited.

In the publication, according to the results of the demonstration, Guerrilla Games thanked the viewing fans, and also admitted that it was still not decided on a specific exit date for Horizon Forbidden West.

«We have no clear output date yet, but the development goes according to plan and very soon we will tell you about what. As always, thanks for your constant support! ” – Guerrilla Games shared.

Release Horizon Forbidden West is expected in 2021. In the launch of the PlayStation 5 trailer, the second half of the year was mentioned, but since then this time interval has not appeared anywhere else.

The fact that Horizon Forbidden West is still declared for the current year, said in the Wired Material, about 25 “large, small, different” games from Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West is created not only for PS5, but also PS4. According to the head of the Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, the release of the Games on the consoles of both generations, the company wants to give gamers a choice.

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