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The developers of the new God of War are inspired by The Last Of US Part II, in the features of the plot

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A roller with the participation of Santa Monica Studio Samuel Matthews (Samuel Matthews) has recently appeared on the GODOFWARPODCAST account. He told a little about creating a new God of War. According to the developer, the team is inspired by The Last Of US Part II and especially the feeding of the plot that Naughty Dog implemented in its project.

Image Source: Sony

Samuel Matthews said that the first The Last of US had a huge impact on the GOD of War 2018 release. And now Santa Monica Studio is actively looking at the second part of the series. In a conversation, the concept of the artist pointed to the filing of the story at the Last of US Part II on the face of two different main characters – Ellie and Abby. According to Samuel Mathevia, Santa Monica Studio could try to realize something similar in the next God of War, that is, to make atre with one of the protagonists. It would open new opportunities for developers in the implementation of the plot and gameplay.

Источник изображения: Video Games Blogger

Image Source: Video Games Blogger

In the video of Samuel Matthews only shared his opinion. He did not claim that in New Gow users will be able to play atre and see a part of the narrative from his face.

Recall: the continuation of God of War was announced in September last year. Since then, information about the game has almost received. According to Jason Schreier (Jason Schreier), the project will not be released in 2021: Sony has already transferred it, but has not yet announced it.

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