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The development of Atomic Heart is almost completed, and the new trailer will show on E3 2021

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Coordinator and head of Mundfish Robert Bagratuni, also known under the ZACE pseudonym, in the official Discord-channel Atomic Heart answered the questions of fans about the hot-expected postpocalyptic militant.

Image source: mundfish

According to Bagratuni, the development of Atomic Heart has been almost complete: “The game is ready, we have gathered almost everything you wanted. Polishing is in full swing, started working on the portions. “

Demonstrate the progress made with the Atomic Heart production in Mundfish are collected at the E3 2021 digital exhibition, which will be held from 12 to 15 June of the current year.

In particular, the studio plans to submit a new ATOMIC Heart trailer at the event, the work on which ended just yesterday, May 24th. The roller itself is promised to publish June 13th.

Источник изображения: Discord

Image Source: Discord

In addition, Baghartuni pleased the fans with a new screenshot (not a pre-tried fractor from the trailer) from the upcoming game. The image captured an elderly woman named Zinaida Muravyov.

Finally, Bagratuni told about the “Atomic Heart” – a 323-page book-prequel, written 36 days after three months of “fierce discussions”. The work will reveal, including the history of Major P-3 (the main character) and his spouse.

The Atomic Heart release is expected on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. In a recent trailer, the developers presented a photoregore that IGN journalists call “insanely detailed”.

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