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The first full-fledged addition to Crusader Kings III will be released before the end of the year.

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As promised, in the framework of the PDXCON Remixed digital festival, the announcement of the first full-scale addition to the global historical strategy of Crusader Kings III was held.

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The extension is called the Royal Court (“Royal Dvor”) and will offer to equip his throne room, which is the personification of the royal or imperial yard of the user.

Royal Court will allow directly interacting with court and vassals that came to the ruler with their problems. The yard can and need to decorate: what he is richer, the more influential people will visit it.

In addition to new ways to interact with the characters of their kingdom or its empire, Royal Court will bring with them changes in the culture system – they are promised to make “more interesting and flexible”.

Railing Royal Court is expected until the end of this year. Simultaneously with the addition of Crusader Kings III will receive a free content update, which, among other things, will add a new culture interface.

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