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The King Of Fighters XV Fighting Release was transferred to the beginning of next year.

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The publisher and developer SNK Corporation on its official website announced the forced transfer of the release of the upcoming Fighting of The King of Fighters XV to a later date.

Image Source: Twitter

Recall, The King of Fighters XV was officially represented in the first half of January and until recently scheduled to issue until the end of the current calendar year.

As it became known, SNK Corporation will have to move away from the initial idea: instead of the designated temporary interval of The King of Fighters XV, it is now announced for the first quarter of 2022, that is, the period from January to March.

The transfer in a special appeal commented on the producer The King of Fighters XV Yasuyki Oda (Yasuyuki Oda). According to him, the delay was inevitable in connection with the Pandemic COVID-19.

«The development schedule, initially established by us, influenced the growing number of cases of COVID-19 in Japan. As a result, we decided that the quality of the product above all, in connection with which there was a change in the timing of the release, “the Oda said.

The producer also expressed hope for support from the community: “We sincerely ask your patience and understanding as our teams are hardening over the Kof XV and its approach to launch.”

For which target platforms are created The King of Fighters XV, at this stage it is unknown. Oda assures that the sound and graphics will be worked out in the new game, as it was impossible during the previous part.

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