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The new drawing of the next Dragon Age hinted that gray guards will appear in the game

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Christian Daley (Christian Dailey), the executive producer of the new Dragon Age, which was announced on The Game Awards 2018, published a fresh concept art game in the personal microblog. The image hints that the famous gray guards will appear in the coming continuation of the franchise.

Ritual Dedication to Gray Guards

The figure shows a warrior in shining armor with a one-handed sword, a cloak and a large shield. His face is hidden under the pick of the helmet decorated with decorative elements in the form of wings. Publication of the picture Christian Dalet accompanied by the words: “Here is a sufficient number of acute and gray?”

Новый арт

New art

Recall: gray guards are members of the Ancient Orders of the Universe of the Dragon Age. They have supernatural abilities and dedicate themselves to combat the sealing of darkness throughout the Tedas. Guardians always made their contribution to the victory over each of the maides. Usually they are shown as ascetic soldiers, although in the fresh image there is a more catchy and bright image.

The release date and the new Dragon Age target platforms are not disclosed. You can see the first trailer for this link.

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