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The new patch for Returnal will be released today and fix a few unpleasant bugs.

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The Housemarque Studio on his official website reported the immediate release of the next update for his Rogink-shooter Returnal and shared the details of the upcoming patch.

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Recall, since the relevant relevant at the moment, patches passed almost two weeks – the assembly 1.3.6 debuted on May 8. Already today, May 20, Returnal will be updated to version 1.3.7.

The upcoming patch is called up to correct several errors, starting with a partial or complete lack of dead scouts at levels and receiving a parasite with a negative effect when the game is started after searching one of these corpses.

Also, the update must eliminate the bug, because of which we will not be the last boss in Returnal) may not be the abyss after using a player in the battle of the reconstruction.

In addition, in version 1.3.7, developers plan to save players from a rare bug provoking loud unpleasant sounds during the battle: a roller with an example of an error is attached above (19th and 46th second).

Finally, the patch is going to eliminate a number of technical problems, because of which users can get stuck in certain premises, encounter a black screen or departure from the game.

Returnal debuted on April 30 of the current year exclusively on PlayStation 5. Previously, the developers admitted that they still did not invent, how to implement a system of preservation system during the occasion.

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