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The next issue of the Monster Hunter digital show will bring news about the patch 3.0 for RISE and not only

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CapCom publisher announced the next release of the Monster Hunter Digital Event dedicated to the games of the Monster Hunter Digital Event series and presented a new Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailer: Wings Of Ruin.

Image Source: Twitter

The broadcast of the upcoming episode of Monster Hunter Digital Event will begin on May 26th of this year at 17:00 Moscow time. The show can be monitored on the official channels of Monster Hunter in Twitch and YouTube services.

As part of the upcoming issue, they promise to share additional information about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and content update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise.

At this stage, it is known that the patch 3.0 will include an additional story chapter, the events of which will unfold after the Monster Hunter Rise finals, and several new monsters. Release is expected at the end of the month.

In addition, in the official microblog of the series, the developers clarified that it will take about 1.4 GB to update 3.0. If the user has not yet installed patches for Monster Hunter Rise, it will have to free 2.9 GB.

As for the Monster Hunter Stories 2 published trailer, Wings of Ruin, the almost three-minute roller serves to dating the audience with the string and the main characters of the game.

Monster Hunter Rise came out in March of the current year on Nintendo Switch, and at the beginning of the 2022th will get to PC. Monster Hunter Storm 2: Wings of Ruin is expected on July 9 at the same time on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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