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The universes agreed: players solved the expedition secrets at No Man’s Sky and opened “Normandia” from Mass Effect

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At the beginning of the week, the second expedition was launched at No Man’s Sky – “Bridgehead” (Beachhead). The developers practically did not speak about a new adventure, noticing only that it hides “surprises”. As it turned out, one of them is the Normandy Spaceship (Normandy) from Mass Effect.

Image source: Hello Games

The trailer of the crossover event dedicated to the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition was published on the official channel of Studio Hello Games. “As part of a unique collaboration with the epic science fiction series of Bioware, who has already become classic, during the second expedition, NO Man’s Sky players can meet the legendary Normandia SR-1,” says the video description.

Frigate Scout from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 appears at the end of the expedition. Users can add it to their fleet.

The second expedition began on Monday and will last until May 31 (perhaps the developers will extend it). At the beginning of adventure, all players turn out to be on the cold planet Tibertant Alpha. They must reach their ship on foot or on all-terrain vehicles, fly to another system, explore several planets (including deserted, frosty, radioactive and poisonous environment), study words in other creatures languages ​​and perform several mysterious goals that remain encrypted to obtaining a “historiographic dosimeter” (Historiographical Dosimeter).

«Thank you so much to all inquisitive travelers who helped to solve the secret of this adventure: everyone who figured out how to use a historiographic dosimeter; everyone who has deciphered messages recorded by the secret alphabet; everyone who collected the story with the monoliths and the appearance of “Normandy”; And everyone who helped open a beacon myths (Myth Beacon) and call on the “weapon”, “the developers wrote.

The first expedition, “Pioneers” (Pioneers), passed from March 31 to May 16. In its framework, the players should also explore star systems, study the flora and fauna and collect resources. One of the awards was the Golden Variation of the Alpha Vector Starship.

In February, the creators released the update of the companions with pets-companions. This week, the game has received support for NVIDIA DLSS technology, which improves performance up to 70% in 4K resolution.

In August, No Man’s Sky will be five years old. On the occasion of the anniversary, the developers promised to arrange several more surprises.

The game entered the PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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