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“They called me the Prophet”: Crytek hinted on Remaster Crysis 2

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A brief message appeared in the microblog of the CRYSIS series, which hints at the ramaster of Remaster Crysis 2. It contains only one phrase: “They called me the Prophet.” Most likely, in the near future, the Crytek Studio will share the details on this.

Crysis 2, Image Source: Electronic Arts

The Prophet is the main character of Crysis 3, but he also appeared in Sicvel. It was the mentioned character who gave his nanocapus alcatras, the protagonist of the second part. Most likely, Crytek is going to announce the reissue of CRYSIS 2, and not Crysis 3, because it would be strange to produce remaster projects of the series not in turn. It would create extra inconvenience for people who first get acquainted with the franchise.

Crysis 2, источник изображения: Electronic Arts

Crysis 2, Image Source: Electronic Arts

Last year, developers were similarly hinted at the announcement of the updated first part: first they published a message with the mention of the main character on nicknamed Nomad, and a few days later the project was fully presented.

Recall: Crysis RemaStered came out on July 23, 2020 on Nintendo Switch, and later reached PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Metacritic (PC version) Remaster received 69 points from critics after 21 reviews. Users put 3.6 points out of 10, voted 148 people. The cause of such low estimates was the unsatisfactory technical condition of the project.

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