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“This is delightful”: the player has created in Cities: Skylines map with nature and the atmosphere Red Dead Redemption 2

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Cities: Skylines is a town-planning simulator in which users build cities and manage their development. Sometimes the facilities of the players in the project are affected by their scale and beauty that once again proved the visitor of the Reddit Forum under the Rowendi pseudonym. He implemented in Cities: skylines a map that designs, nature and the atmosphere is strongly reminded by Red Dead Redemption 2.

Image source: Rowendi (Reddit)

In the video below the enthusiast demonstrated its work in detail. The first frames of the video show a small settlement in the wild west with the town hall, farms and wooden barriers. Then the screen appears beautiful natural landscapes and the night sky. And in the second half of the roller you can see a small depot in the town moving along the rails train and the camp with a burning fire somewhere in the wilderness.

Separately, it should be noted that Rowendi coped perfectly with the selection of design of buildings and lighting. These elements are stronger than others refer to the atmosphere Red Dead Redemption 2. True, to implement them, the author had to arma the user modifications and extensions.

Visitors Reddit rated the creation of an enthusiast and put 2,4 thousand positive marks. The video also collected a lot of laudatory comments, one of which reads: “Saint Arthur Morgan! This is amazing”.

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