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To the debut project of Amy Hennig as head of the new Studio joined the screenwriter canceled Project Ragtag

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The screenwriter canceled Project Ragtag Todd Stashwick (Todd Stashwick) in his microbloga announced a reunion with his colleague on a failed project – the ex-scriptwriter of the Uncharted Amy Hennig (Amy Hennig) series.

Image source: Kotaku

Recall, after the closure of Visceral Games, where the work was carried out on Project Ragtag, Hennig established his own studio, which became a division of the film production company Skydance Media.

In November 2019, Hennig with a new team promised to engage in the creation of scene-oriented games for gamers and those who cannot receive themselves to this interlayer. And it seems that the team finally undertook to work.

«I work with Amy Hennig and the Team of the Veterans of the Industry over the exciting adventure action, “said Stashwick, having urged skillful animators and engineers with experience over Unreal Engine to join the studio.

I’m working with @amy_hennig and a core team of industry vets on an exciting action/adventure game. Seeking folks that want to push-state-of the art animation tech: https://t.co/GnqmA1YyeF. Also If u have extensive Unreal Engine experience see more here: https://t.co/3OjTQZ2lFF. pic.twitter.com/wQJ8Jjwphf

In the Skydance Media itself, the debut project of the new team is called high-quality, large-budget and purely single-user. Basic game just on Unreal Engine.

«Our first development involves the tradition of adventure films to create an exciting, energetic experience, which will transmit the spirit of the series and movies to both gamers and not gamers, “says job description in Skydance Media.

It is noteworthy that the Ragtag version of the Electronic Arts was repealed for the authorship of the Hennig team, too, was a single-user adventure action – the genre was not sufficiently viable in the publishing house.

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