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Todd Howard banned TES Online developers to reveal the secrets of the coulemen

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The creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online Rich Lambert (Rich Lambert) gave an interview with Gameinformer, in which he shared “insane” ideas, from which the studio refused during the development process. It turned out that the team wanted to tell the details about the missing race of the dwells, but she was strictly banned.

PC Invasion

According to Lambert, the veto on the disclosure of the mystery of the disappearance of the dwells imposed personally Todd Howard (Todd Howard). He did not name the reasons, but stated that they would never reveal the secrets of the coumen. ” Whether the prohibition is distributed only to an online project or at all on all the games of the series, it is not clear.

«We wanted something to tell about the dwells and began to study the necessary materials. Everyone wants to know about them, and we are no exception, so we studied the information. Soon, Todd kindly reminded us that we would never tell about it and would not spoil the mystery of the dwelling people, “Lambert told.

The developer Tes Online also told that they regularly consult with the creators of the series of the series. For example, during work on the complement of Dark Brotherhood, they consulted with Emil Pagliarulo, which was responsible for the quest line of the Dark Brotherhood in Tes IV: Oblivion. In response, he sent edits that turned out to be more document sent to him.

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