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Valheim has sold over 4 million copies in just 21 days

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Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate studio announced that Valheim’s survival simulator has sold over 4 million copies in 21 days. The game was released on February 2 in early access on Steam and quickly became very popular: over the weekend, the project attracted 500 thousand users simultaneously.

Since the release, a total of 10 thousand years have been played. Valheim has a “Overly Positive” rating on Steam at the time of publication with over 87,000 reviews and is ranked 57th among the 250 highest rated Steam games of all time. And this is a project from a team of five people.

Iron Gate Studio CEO Richard Svensson said he is already working on the next area of ​​the Valheim world, which the team hopes to complete by the end of the year. However, delays are also possible.

Recall that within a week after the launch Valheim sold over 1 million copies, and in less than two weeks – 2 million. By the 16th day, sales of the game reached 3 million copies.

Valheim is only available on PC.

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