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Victoria Global Strategy Series will be continued – First Trailer Victoria 3

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Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio published yesterday, May 21, Digital PDXCON Remixed Festival presented Victoria 3 – hot expected continuation of the series of its global strategies.

Image Source: Steam Store

The third part will offer the players to build an ideal society in the period from 1836 to 1936. There will be any of the “dozen countries of the world”. Users will have to find a way to balance public contradictions and earn the sun.

Developers promise a complex economic system with the need to raise national well-being, look for new markets for sales, import cheap raw materials, regulate the turnover of goods and so on.

According to the head of development, Victoria 3 Martin Anvard (Martin Anward), the team tries to create a worthy heir to previous games and at the same time make tricks more affordable for newcomers.

Victoria 3 is declared for PC (Steam, Paradox Store). In addition, at the output, the project will replenish the Xbox Game Pass service library for PC. The date or even the timing of the release of the global strategy was not announced.

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