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Video: Comparison Graphics Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn

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Last week, Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment conducted a gameplay presentation of the Action Open World Horizon Forbidden West. The author of the YouTube channel Elanalistadebits used the published roller to compare the schedule in the coming sequel and the first part. He picked up similar shots and showed the difference between the two projects in the franchise.

Image source: Guerrilla Games

At first, the blogger noted that the gameplay Horizon Forbidden West was demonstrated in 4K at 30 frames / s. However, at the current time to compare the permissions is difficult, as it is still unknown, whether the native 4K will be maintained in the new GUERRILLA GAMES game.

The first aspect that was subjected to comparison is animations. In the second part, the developers tried to make them more natural and pronounced. Such a decision, by the way, I liked it not to all users. Further, the characters are shown in the video – their detail has increased, and Ela’s face, as they managed to notice the users, became noticeably more rounded.

In most aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, it clearly exceeds the Horizon Zero Dawn: the geometry of objects has become more complex and worked out, the sale of water and vegetation has been subjected to significant improvements, and the drawing range has noticeably increased.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released in 2021 on PS4 and PS5, the exact release date developers should be announced soon.

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