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Video: Enthusiast arranged the battle Alsina Dimitreska and Lady Mary from the astral clock tower in Bloodborne

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Lady Dimitreska from Resident Evil Village even before the release of the game was captured by the audience. Users even moved it to Re3 remake at the place of the main character. But the author of the YouTube Channel Garden of Eyes decided to go even further. He added Alsin Dimitreska in Bloodborne and encountered this lady in the battle with Lady Maria from the Astral Clock Tower – the boss from the addition of The Old Hunters.

Источник изображения: Garden of Eyes

Image source: Garden of Eyes

Attention: In the material there are insignificant spoilers to Resident Evil Village.

A roller with a short screensaver begins, where the meeting of opponents is shown. Then the battle starts, behind which Garden Of Eyes watched from the side, driving only the position of the camera. Lady Dimitreska was hit by his claws in the battle, and Maria made it with swords, quickly moved by the arena and shot a pistol.

A few minutes later, the fight was even more spectacular. Both enemies lost half of health and switched to the second phase. Here Dimitreska began using bloody attacks from Arsenal Mary. Apparently, Garden of Eyes added their character to make a fight more honest. And when Alsina had about a quarter of the reserves of life, she gained her true form and turned into a monster. It did not help her – Maria won. But in the two next fights on other Arena, Lady Dimitreska took revenge.

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