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Video: Release date, bloody battles and detailed view of the Universe in a new gameplay trailer Dying Light 2

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As promised, the Polish studio TECHLAND conducted a presentation dedicated to the expected many zombie action Dying Light 2. The event showed a fresh gameplay project trailer, which received the Stay Human subtitle. The developers told about the main aspects of the game: the plot, the universe, the impact on the world around the world, fractions, battles and many other things.

Image source: TECHLAND

At first, the roller told about the narration. A voice speaking voice reported on the main hero named Eyden Caldwell, who is infected with the virus. He must look for medicines, acquire friends and continue to decide what of the three fractions to join. Each of them has its own views on peace and philosophy. The tasks of the grouping will affect the appearance of the city, where the events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human are unfolded.

Источник изображения: Techland

Separately, developers showed a parkura system. Aiden knows how to perform a variety of acrobatic techniques, which allows him to quickly move in conditions of dense urban development. In addition, the mentioned skills sometimes help to eliminate the enemy. For example, the main character is able to strike from two legs on the run and send the opponents to the flight or committing a murder with a ledge.

Battles also paid due attention. In Dying Light 2, Stay Human battles are built on the use of melee weapons, so the developers are trying to improve the sensations from applying and receiving shocks. Judging by the fresh personnel, the fights will be cruel – liters of blood and the dismemberment system is included.

Finally, Techland has shown a visit to the highly dangerous zones and travel around the city at night, when zombies are activated. The walking dead will be everywhere to pursue Eyden, including on the roofs of buildings. To bring them out of order for a short time, the protagonist uses an ultraviolet flashlight.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be released on December 7, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The preliminary orders of the game have already started. The cost of the project in Steam is 2499 rubles, in PS Store (PS4 and PS5) – 4279 rubles, in Microsoft Store – $ 60. In addition to the standard edition, Deluxe and Ultimate are sold with a variety of bonuses.

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