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Video: Spentransman passed Returnal in the “New Game +” mode in less than five minutes

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Speedranner under the pseudonym mentaltoast installed a record on the speed passage of RETURNAL in the Any% NG + category (in any way in the “New Game +” mode). He managed to complete the race in less than five minutes.

Image source: PlayStation

As shown in the video below, to get to the final, the enthusiast needed 4 minutes and 58 seconds. However, this is not a complete passage of Returnal. In the Housemarque Rogyk Shooter, there are six bosses, each of which is in its region. When the user finishes the game for the first time and starts again, it appears in the fourth biome. He will have the opportunity to immediately flee to the final enemy, and on the already unlocked short paths.

MentalToast just so entered his race. In addition, he moved as quickly as possible due to the curious gaming feature – if in returnal to make a jerk, then enter the shooting mode from the sight, and then sharply press the jump key, then the village will make a leap to a significant distance. In this way, MentalToast overcame most of the path to the final enemy.

Separately, we note that the record in the category with the murder of all bosses in the “New Game +” mode holds Spentranner under the pseudonym Uprisentv. He had 24 minutes and 15 seconds.

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