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“We did not want to get involved in painful processing”: director Deathloop spoke about the reasons for the transfer of the game

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In April, Arkane Studios announced the transfer of her shooter with the elements of the Deathloop action – initially the game was planned to release on May 21, 2021, but now the release date is meant on September 14. About why the project decided to postpone, recently told his director Dinga Bakaba (Dinga Bakaba).

Image source: Gematsu

Commentary of the head of development Edition The Gamer reads: “I think we were honest when they made this message [about transfer]. We said that we have steep ambitions regarding the game and want it to be special. Make this project, to put it mildly, not easy. Especially in the current period. But we did not want to get involved in painful processing, because we are already in this strange situation when the development is carried out at home – this is already affected by your mental health and cognitive burden. “

Источник изображения: Gematsu

Image source: Gematsu

«We just said: “Hey, if we want to get the game of the highest quality that we can imagine, we need more time,” continued Ding Bakaba. – It was a difficult decision, but we did not want to choose between our health and quality of the game. And you know, everything seems to have agreed that it was the right choice, including our partner Sony and, of course, our publisher. “

Recall: DeathLoop is declared for PC and PlayStation 5 as a temporary console exclusion.

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