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“We will revive paradise”: the first gameplay demonstration Far Cry 6 will be held on May 28

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Ubisoft’s publisher announced Far Cry 6 back in July last year, but after reporting the transfer of the game news about it was extremely rare. In early April, the developers stated that soon “exciting content” will show. And, apparently, the authors are going to restrain the promise, since the network appeared a teaser of the upcoming gameplay demonstration of the project.

Image source: Ubisoft

A brief video contains cutting images with a city show, newspapers and portrait of Anton Castillo. The latter was prepared by the role of the central villain and the dictator in the fictional tropical country of Yara, where the events of the game unfold. It is Anton who owns a voice speaking voice in the teaser of the coming gameplay demonstration.

The antagonist calls the insurgent of Lzjyuranians and promises to stay with True Yaranians to protect the country. And at the end of Castillo declares: “We will bring victims in the name of progress and we will revive the paradise.”

Live broadcast on which the Far Cry 6 gameplay will be shown on May 28. Beginning – at 19:30 Moscow time. How much the event will last, it is unknown.

Far Cry 6 is declared for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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