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Yooka-Laylee Developers will release a relaxing golf adventure A Little Golf Journey from the creators of OK Golf

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Studio Playtonic Games (Yooka-Laylee series) on its official website announced that its publishing unit – Playtonic Friends – will take on the release of “Relaxing Golf Adventure” a Little Golf Journey.

Image Source: Steam Store

A Little Golf Journey is created by the efforts of independent Okidokico. The project was born from OK Golf HD – improved in all directions for the PC version of the mobile OK GOLF (previous release of the Studio).

From the original game A Little Golf Journey is distinguished by not only the name, but also an adventure bias: the developers call for “go on travel and return the world to the world.”

According to the co-founder Okidokico Charlie Goatley (Charlie Goatly), for A Little Golf Journey, the team saved golf from all stressful elements, replacing them with “beautiful views of the Soundtrack and the narrative layer.”

«A Little Golf Journey – Antipode SOULS games; No pressure or disappointment, only clean, relaxing experience – is so deep as the user wants, “said Gavin Price Playtonic Games Chapter (Gavin Price).

A Little Golf Journey page in Steam promises an extensive world map with more than a hundred holes and ten locations, an abundance of secrets, as well as easy to learn control.

Currently, A Little Golf Journey is planned to exit the summer of the current year on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. There is nothing about the possible release of the project on other target platforms yet.

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